The search page serves as the central hub of Graylog, where you can execute searches (queries) and visualize the results using a wide range of widgets. Any search can be saved or exported as a dashboard, allowing for easy reuse of specific search configurations. Dashboards offer the flexibility of widget-specific search queries and can be shared with others to enhance their work-flows. To further enhance the workflow, parameters can also be incorporated into the search query.

Hint: You may view the total amount of search results returned for any search query on the information icon (i) found in the top left corner of the Search page. This information is also available for Dashboards.

Select Search Undo/Redo

You may go one step back or forward in search or dashboard views using the search undo/redo feature. The undo/redo button can be found in the left sidebar of your search page.

Hint: Please note that although saved changes can be undone or redone, saved actions cannot be reverted. Undoing or redoing causes a change of view only.

If you decide to resize a widget or rearrange a dashboard but are not happy with the outcome, you can revert to the previous state with the undo/redo button. You can experiment with various views without affecting the current dashboard.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts for Search

Graylog provides the following shortcuts to navigate the search page without using your mouse.

Action Shortcut
Show available keyboard shortcuts ?
Undo last action Ctrl + shift + z
Redo last action Ctrl + shift +y
Save search Ctrl + s
Save search as Ctrl + shift +s
Show scratchpad Ctrl + /

Hint: Holding shift + ? in the Graylog UI brings up a dialogue box that lists available shortcuts for that page. The dialog box will only contain available shortcuts for the page you are on.