Graylog 5.0 added support for OpenSearch 2.x versions. At this time the latest released version is OpenSearch 2.5. We have removed support for Elasticsearch 6.8, which reached its end-of-life date in February 2022. Support for Elasticsearch 7.10 remains in Graylog 5.0+, but we recommend users upgrade to OpenSearch.

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with an overview of how to upgrade from Elasticsearch to OpenSearch. This guide was written with the assumption that you have an existing Graylog environment and that you are planning to upgrade to OpenSearch as your data node.

For information strictly on OpenSearch installation, please see the related guide on Upgrading to OpenSearch.

This guide explores aspects of the upgrade process, including software requirements, backups, installation tasks, Graylog environment considerations, and the Graylog journal configuration.

Hint: This guide is dependent on users starting from a Graylog 4.3 environment and migrating from Elasticsearch 7.10.2 to OpenSearch 1.3.x.

To upgrade your Graylog instance, see the Upgrading Graylog user guides. If you are updating from an older instance, refer to the recommended upgrade path. If you need to upgrade to Elasticsearch 7.10.2, refer to the Elasticsearch documentation.

WarningDo NOT install OpenSearch v2.0 or higher if you are on Graylog 4.3 or any previous versions!

Guide Index

To facilitate a successful migration to OpenSearch, it is recommended that you review each of the articles in the Graylog OpenSearch guide in the following order.

  1. Migration Checklist

  2. Planning Your OpenSearch Upgrade

  3. Backup and Restore

  4. Upgrade Methods

  5. Impacts to Your Graylog Environment

  6. Upgrading to OpenSearch

  7. Securing OpenSearch

  8. OpenSearch FAQ