It is possible to export the results of your search as a CSV document. To do so, click on the three dots on the right side of the search bar and select the Export option.

This will open a modal where you can choose the fields the CSV document should contain. The initial fields are based on the message table configured for the search page. It is also possible to define a limit. However, please note that because messages are loaded in chunks of fixed size, and because the final chunk will rarely end exactly at that fixed size, it is likely that the total number of messages exported will slightly exceed the number defined by the user.

Clicking on Start Download will create the file based on the specified options and start the download.

When the search page or saved search contains multiple message tables, you can decide which message table you want to adopt the settings from. In this case you will see the following select when opening the CSV export modal:

Additionally, you can select Export in a message table’s action menu, if you want to adopt its settings directly.

Exporting Message Tables on a Dashboard

The export on a dashboard is slightly different compared to the search page or saved searches. Because dashboards do not have a single result set, you always need to select a message table when clicking on Export to CSV in a dashboard’s search bar action menu. You can find more information on this topic in the section Widget specific search criteria .

Even though a message table in a dashboard has its own search criteria and the dashboard’s search bar only functions as a filter, you will always export the result set currently displayed by the message table. If you want to export only the search results the message table’s search criteria is referring to, make sure the dashboard’s filter is left blank.

Decorator Support

While the CSV export supports fields created by decorators, they are currently not being listed in the fields select options list and must be created manually. When you want to export a decorated field, enter its name in the field select and click on the option Create field_name .To ensure a decorated field is available in the context of the current search, open a message table’s edit modal, by clicking on Edit in its context menu and find the decorators in the left sidebar.

Exporting the Full Message

If you want to export the full original message, keep in mind that it must be present in the stored message. Some Graylog inputs and file shippers can be configured to store the original message in the full_message field. Often, the message field may be used to export the entire, unparsed message.


Depending on the number of messages the export may take a while. If the download never starts or the document does not contain the expected result, have a look at the server.log.


Exporting results to a CSV will not preserve sorting because Graylog uses the virtual _doc field to “sort” documents for performance reasons. If you need to have the exported data ordered you will need to either make a scroll query to ElasticSearch and process it after, or to download the file and post process it via other means.