Graylog 5.1 introduces the Cluster Support Bundle, allowing you to bundle any useful information from your Graylog cluster for debugging and troubleshooting purposes.

Navigate to System > Logging to access this modal. From here, select Create Support Bundle, and Graylog will generate a zip file containing cluster and version information as well as some useful logs and files. Once generated you can download the zip file locally for review.

Warning: This zip file may include sensitive information, such as IP addresses, passwords, etc. Examine it carefully before sending it anywhere!

Cluster Support Bundle for Graylog Operations

The following section exclusively pertains to a Graylog Operations feature. To learn more about obtaining an Operations license, please contact the Graylog Sales team.

Graylog Operations users may utilize the Cluster Support Bundle to send information about their Graylog cluster to the Support team. You can attach your zip file directly to support tickets in the customer support portal.

Warning: As noted above this zip file may include sensitive information. We strongly recommend you examine it carefully before sending it to Graylog Support!