The JSON path value from HTTP API input reads any JSON response of a REST resource and stores a field value as a Graylog message.

Hint: The input can only target JSON primitive value nodes (numbers, text, strings, etc.) and not object and array nodes.


Navigate to System / Inputs > Inputs and select Launch JSON path value from HTTP API. Then click Launch Input, set the significant field values, and save the input.

source = github ,jsonpath = $.download_count, interval time unit = Minutes


Let’s try to read the download count of a release package stored on GitHub for analysis in Graylog. The call looks like this:

$ curl -XGET
  "url": "",
  "id": 12345,
  "name": "somerelease.tgz",
  "label": "somerelease.tgz",
  "content_type": "application/octet-stream",
  "state": "uploaded",
  "size": 38179285,
  "download_count": 9937,
  "created_at": "2013-09-30T20:05:01Z",
  "updated_at": "2013-09-30T20:05:46Z"

The attribute we want to extract is download_count so we set the JSON path to $.download_count.

This will result in a message in Graylog looking like this:

You can use Graylog to analyze your download counts now.


JSONPath can do much more than allow you to select a simple known field value. You can for example do this to select the first download_count from a list of releases where the field state has the value uploaded:

$.releases[?(@.state == 'uploaded')][0].download_count

...or only the first download count at all:


You can learn more about JSONPath here.